The british woman Karen Baker was left both shivering and sweating of amazement and horror, after the staff of a hotel in Jamaica had decorated a hotel room in a misguided attempt to pay tribute to a married couple’s deceased son, who lost his life four years ago by an accident at just 22 years old,

Karen Baker, who is the deceased son’s godmother, had given the staff a bit of money and asked them to decorate the room with balloons and birthday cake to surprise her friends, mr and mrs Faye and Andrew Stephens from London, which every year has a tradition to pay homage to and honor their deceased son Alex on his birthday.

But the creativity and the imagination ran a little too much with the hotel staff, out of towels and clothes created a humanoid figure, who into the bargain had a can of beer in one hand. The hotel staff placed the birthday cake at on the stomach of the scary figure. Had the dog on hotelsengen with flowers and leaves is written: Congratulations on fødelsdagen. We miss you all Alex.

It writes multiple media including the BBC, The Sun and The Mirror

The four-star hotel Royalton Jamaica Resort, where the staff bliev a little too creative. (Photo credit: Royalton Jamaica Resort)

the BBC tells gudmoren Karen Baker, that she was completely aghast when she saw the scary figure on the bed. And she removed the, before the couple arrived to their hotel room,

– Staff had in the matrimonial hotel room fetched some clothes from the closet, which they subsequently had stuffed with towels to get it to look like a human being. The placed on top of the purchase tears that ran down the face of the figure. And they had even placed a can of beer Betkanyon in the character’s hand.

I was decidedly frightened by the sight. I shook and sweated and wanted in no way, to my friends should see it, says Karen Baker, and adds:

– I have never, ever seen anything like it. I am still looking through the pictures, and I can almost not comprehend the fact that someone could devise such a thing.

The 22-year-old Alex Stephens, who was a talented young footballer, died in a tragic accident in 2014, where he will, according to the british media fell out from the fourth floor of a large building in the Spanish metropolis of Barcelona.

the Couple Faye and Andrew Stephens had arranged the trip to Jamaica through to the travel company Tui, and Tui has refunded the entire trip for the couple because of the disturbing misconception.

A spokesperson according to the BBC, said the following: ‘We apologise very much to the whole Baker group for their experiences in Jamaica. We are now following up the matter with the hotel. And we think that there is a misunderstanding without any intent to hurt others.

All of the persons in Karen Baker’s group, including mr and mrs Stephens, got refunded for their travel, per person cost 10.850 crowns. It happened after the matter had been referred to by the BBC.