It is no longer enough for hotels to provide child care, and subsequently requires people’s phones just as much time and attention as their children.

It suggests it is in any case that the hotel chain Ibis Hotels in Switzerland believe, as they have just hired so-called ‘Instagram-sittere’, that can fit your social media, so they can enjoy their holidays without digital stress’.

It writes The Evening Standard.

According to the british media are the measure been introduced at the chain hotels in the country’s largest and second-largest city, respectively, to Zurich and Geneva.

– This new service is about digital detox, writes the hotel chain on its website about the measure, which is called ’Relax, live in the moment’ (Relax, live in the now) and costing from approximately 585 Danish kroner.

– the Millennials (those born in the years 1980-2000, ed.) experiencing rare moments without being distracted by their phone. ’Pics Betticket or it did not happen’ is their mantra, writing the hotel chain also.

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Ibis Hotels rates even so much on their new service that they have hired a number of semi-celebs to be ’Instagram-sittere’ for sale.

Thus, they employed a former participant in the German version of supermodel Tyra Banks tv program ‘Next Top Model’, while they also have hired a well-known livstilsblogger by the name of Cristina Gheiceanu and a DJ by the name of Sylwina.

Guests, as tilkøber the new service should give their ’sitter’ the password for their Instagram and tell ’sitteren’ about their interests and expectations for the pictures, and then will ’sitteren’ current share vacation photos from the two cities on your Instagram during the hashtagget #postedbysocialmediasitter.

– We follow current social trends and trying to adjust us, so that we can offer our customers innovative services. This initiative is also part of our promise to provide our customers a memorable experience, says Philippe Alanou, who is the deputy director for Accor Hotels, which owns the Ibis Hotel, for The Evening Standard.

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