Their mistake is a lesson for all of us.

that is How it sounds from Michelle Couch-Friedman, who is an expert in consumer rights, in the wake of a story about an elderly american couple who lost thousands of dollars and stranded in south Korea because they themselves had arranged for the correct visa at a krydstogtrejse.

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The two americans – both at 71 years – had ordered the 14-day krydstogtrejse to Japan, south Korea and China back in the month of October. They flew from the U.S. to Japan, but already three days on the trip against south Korea got the message that they would be thrown of the ship and had to find home, just as soon as the ship reached the harbour in the city of Busan in the east asian country.

– They just said that it was our own responsibility to find a way we could get home on. We could not believe our ears, ” says the american man by the name of William Coates in the

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the Reason for the holiday was abruptly ended before time for the elderly couple, was that they had the necessary visa to China, where also danes have the visa, where the authorities are clamping down on tourists who are not in possession of the necessary documents.

Although it shocked the couple begged krydstogtselskabet Holland America Line for help, there was no dear mother, for the two 71-year-old.

Holland America threw us out of the ship and left us literally in the harbour alone. We might even find at the airport and pay $ 2,400 (15.800 crowns, red.) to fly home, says William Coates.

Krydstogtselskabet claim over the australian Betasus media, that crews tried to arrange temporary visa for the pair, and, in addition, they tried to negotiate an agreement with the chinese authorities that the pair would be on the ship in China.

– the border Controls in China rejected all of our alternatives, says a spokesperson from the shipping company and points out that they had informed the couple about the necessity of a visa by the order, and that it was therefore the matrimonial own responsibility to keep track of the relevant documents.

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the Couple claim, however, that the company never mentioned anything about a visa and therefore took the case to the forbrugerrettighedsgruppen Elliot Advocacy, where Michelle Couch-Friedman was in charge of the case.

Unfortunately for the pair, had the shipping company, however, in the itinerary extensively written that the visa was mandatory, and therefore lost the case.

– It is the guest’s sole responsibility to obtain and be in possession of the necessary travel documents. All guests are advised to contact their travel agent or the relevant authorities to be aware of what documents are needed, wrote the company, among other things in the itinerary, continued:

– If you do not have the right documents, you will be refused on board the ship or thrown off without the ability to seek damages or compensation. In addition, you will risk a fine, if the shipping company loses money because of your lack of the necessary documentation.

Michelle Couch-Friedman said to the, to the u.s. married couples likely had a right to compensation, if the company does not, before departure, had pointed out that it is the responsibility of guests to keep track of the letters, and she calls it the case of an ‘important lesson’ to all travellers:

– Remember to read all the fine print when you order a krydstogtrejse, in most cases one is responsible for his visa, she says and continue:

– Before you go on board any cruise ship is it necessary to read the entire contract.

despite the fact that krydstogtselskabet won the case, they chose to replace the matrimonial unused airline tickets, since the couple even had to buy new tickets to fly home before the time.

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