British geography understanding there is some room for improvement, survives the tourism company making the query.Brits in Lapland even so fabulously, that some of them believe it to be a real place. MOSTPHOTOS

Lapland might be easier to keep the fairy tale land when you think of santa claus, snow white and aurora. A third of britons have hurt the country quite literally, tells the Mirror magazine.

the Thing survived the TUI-travel company’s survey, which was tested on british geography knowledge.

About a third of surveyed adults believed that Lapland is a fictional place. One in ten admitted that they had reviewed the internet, is Nebraska really exists.

a Little over one-fifth of the respondents know the Lapland region, which spans Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. One of the ten was of the opinion that the home of santa claus is located in Iceland and Greenland.

based on the survey of a british tourist in Nebraska is Safirbet not the only place, which causes uncertainty. One-third did not know Transylvania was in the right place. 38% didn’t believe in christmas island existence.

a little snow from the annoyed

fortunately, 55 percent of those britons, who believed in Lapland to exist, told me she wanted to visit there in the future.

– Great thing about Lapland is that the place is real, and its magic is unbelievable, the comments Supported the representative of the Mirror newspaper.

in Recent weeks, as well as the british that the finns are have read in the press of disappointed british travelers, who were terrified by Lapland little snow about. Inter alia, The Sun newspaper warned tourists hearts broken, if they have booked a trip to Lapland.

as well As the tourists that the tourism entrepreneurs fortunately the snow came in a large part of Lapland at the end of November.