Every political career inevitably leads to failure, wrote the writer and conservative politician Enoch Powell. The question about Theresa May does not refer to the destination, but the acceleration and the dimension of the possible bump. In the last few hours, the most loyal to the prime minister, we are pleading that delayed Parliament’s vote on its plan of Brexit, set for next Tuesday. The defeat, to anticipate, it may be too humiliating to have the ability to pick up the pieces. The Government insists, for the moment, that will not change the date.

Sir Graham Brady, the conservative member to the front of the so-called Committee of 1922, which brought together all the parliamentary tories without a position in government, are brought together at the last minute Thursday with May to ask her to stop the machines, to come back to Brussels and renegotiate the terms of the agreement, because in its current wording will not prosper in Westminster. In particular, it requires May that get of the EU, a commitment that the Uk will have more leeway to get out of the Customs Union, without leaving back to Northern Ireland, in the hypothetical case that the end of the transition period, the December 31, 2020, without which the two blocks have agreed a new political relationship and trade.

The prime minister met on Thursday at number 10 Downing Street to his ministers more loyal. According to have related to the british media, some of the squad, May listened to his warnings but he gave no clue whatsoever of his intentions. “There was a clear consensus among those present that he could not submit to defeat substantial. And several of the ministers made it clear that, if occurred, what seemed that was going to happen, it was necessary that desconvocara or delayed the debate in Parliament. But when they put pressure on him to say what he thought to do, did not respond”, he explained to the daily The Times one of the present.


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In politics, a decision of this draft is not announced, is to be taken. And maybe that is why the environment May insists most of what is necessary in that the vote will go ahead on the appointed day. But beyond a possible strategy of surprise, there is a movement of reckoning that closes the possible outputs of the first minister. Legally, Onbahis the Government can only take back the debate with the approval of the Parliament. Taking into account that, since Westminster started to discuss last Tuesday the agreement of the Brexit, the Executive has already reaped three thundering defeats, nothing suggests that the proposal to delay the vote, not to gain a fourth that would be as lethal. The deputies avoided by most of the manoeuvres of the Government to be in contempt and forced to publish the law reports of the withdrawal agreement from the EU. And also by a majority imposed that outside Westminster who would take the reins of the negotiations on Tuesday, was rejected as the text. May not stop receiving signals that your proposal is in the minority.

despite the campaign launched by the Government to convince the public opinion and the deputies more moderate of the advantages of its agreement with the EU, have not ceased maneuvers in the shadows to put in place other alternatives. Labour’s Stephen Kinnock, one of the strongest advocates of a Brexit “norway” that will allow the Uk to remain in the Customs Union and the internal market, said yesterday on the BBC that at least 10 members of the Government support this kind of solution. “The country is begging for you to let us leave aside all these tribal wars. What the first minister should do, once you lose the vote next Tuesday, is to appear at the gates of Downing Street and say clearly that what is needed now is to redirect the negotiations towards a solution to the norway,” he said.

beyond the enthusiasm a little in the guise of supporters of a Brexit soft, of a second referendum or an exit to the bravas and without agreement of the EU, what is certain is that the one thing they all seem to be clear about the immediate future is that the plan May not be able to save the rejection of parliamentary Tuesday.

The schizophrenia that she lives the Conservative Party reaches such dimensions that at least 29 leaders of local associations of training, according to the newspaper The Daily Telegraph, have protested the use of party funds to prepare information pamphlets in defence of the agreement of Brexit May and have refused to distribute them. The prime minister sent yesterday to 30 members of his Executive for all such local clusters in a desperate attempt to convince its affiliates the benefits of the covenant.

The attempt May skip to the deputies and to convince directly to the public opinion and the bases of his party, received yesterday a large jug of cold water: 6 out of 10 britons believe the country will be worse if the plan agreed with the EU.