Sunday Lapland arrived as many as 95 charter flights from abroad.

in the Nordic countries seen today one of the region’s all-time busiest flight of the day, told the online newspaper The Barents Observer.

Lapland is going on in the busiest time, and this christmas make the tourists records. On Sunday in Lapland at the Swedish civil aviation authority information according to the 95 space flights.

Normally in these latitudes there is virtually no air traffic, as you can see the planes following Flightradar service.

Finland flights arrive Rovaniemi, Kittilä, Enontekiölle and Ivalo. If according to the invoice is also in Kuusamo, christmas order number of flights increased by more than 700, told Yle in November.

Flights arrived today most from the Uk, but also a number from France and Germany.

Chapter not included in, for example, from Helsinki to fly tourists.

tourists, fortunately, Lapland promises to be a very white christmas. Following Sekabet one spirited weekend to see the still just before the christmas holidays.

Finavia according to the forecast of tourists the number of flights to Lapland airports, an increase of 15% compared to last year.

Foreign tourists are waiting Lapilta especially in the snow. MOSTPHOTOS