Live three-Quarters of Belgians want the information from his slim heater not sharing it with the installer or manufacturer. According to research from the independent market research agency ivox kadenza, in command of heating installer Remeha. We keep this innovation? To answer this question by Jan Deklerck, product manager at Remeha, on the bouwsite Livios.

We are increasingly confronted with smart devices that communicate with each other. Just think of the connection between car and smartphone, where data, such as the normal travel time and unforeseen files, to be shared with the heating system. So you will be heating on the right time to start up, you create more convenience and you agree the heating better off on your pattern of life.

Unnecessary fears

Still want 75% of the Belgians the information on the smart heater is not sharing with the installer or manufacturer. Jan Deklerck understand that sharing information with companies what deters. “As a verwarmingsfabrikant data requests, that would indeed also be able to see when you have the heating turn on and when you sanitary hot water produces. But there can only be patterns of behaviour derive,” explains Jan Deklerck. “On the other hand, share many people on social media continuously details Casinomaxi about their private life. So you can also say that it is not more of this time to info about your heating not to share.”

to Measure is to know

Which info do not share, is unfortunately a brake on innovation, Jan Deklerck: “As a manufacturer, tries to give you as much as possible to the user offer. In our case, this is as efficient and economical as possible verwarmingsoplossingen. We develop systems tailored to patterns of the user. You could, for example, the combination of a thermostat with a motion sensor can investigate. Or that is helpful, you know, we currently do not. But through the information that we obtain from smart boilers that would be able to test and find out. Or a host of new features to think of. But you have to have real situations needed to find out if this less going to consume. And we, as manufacturer rely on anonymous data from users.”