If you taunt a tiger long enough, so bite it.

It teaches Mark Zuckerberg is now on the hard way, after he several times refused to show up for a hearing in London, which, among other things, the british and canadian parliaments are behind.

For if the man does not want to explain, must themselves try to become more aware of what Facebook has walk in. Therefore, forced the british parliament in the last week to a volume of highly confidential and embarrassing documents, which in the worst case can trap Facebook.

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According to The Guardian discovered the british politicians, that the founder of the company Six4Three was on a visit in London.

With him he had, unfortunately, a number of documents from a lawsuit in which the company has brought against Facebook. The papers are at home in the UNITED states made secret by the court hearing the case. But when the businessman and the documents were suddenly on british soil, struck the country’s authorities.

They sought him at the hotel he spent in London, and presented an ultimatum: give us the papers, or we throw you in jail. When he refused to do it, and he was escorted to the parliament and put under new pressures.

The unusual maneuver ended with the british parliament got a copy of the papers that contains, among other private emails from Mark Zuckerberg and several of his bosses.

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According to the action from Six4Three has Facebook in several cases monitored and grossly exploited the users ‘ data.

It should among other things be done by that the Facebook app for Android made it possible to open the phone’s microphones and monitor users.

In other cases, the Facebook according to the action snaget in the image gallery of iPhone users and remote the Bluetooth feature on mobile devices that were turned on the Bluetooth to, so Facebook could find out where the users were.

the Above is equivalent Damian Collins Facebook, which is trying to limit the damage, after several of the company’s confidential documents have been seized by the british parliament.

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Facebook denies the allegations, but the information from the trial can nevertheless be deeply problematic, when hearing about Facebook’s disastrous handling of user data is held in the morning.

– We have some very serious issues for Facebook.

– They misled us about the Russian influence on their platform. And we have still not got the answer on who knew what about Cambridge Analytica scandal, says Damian Collins, who is chairman of the mediekomiteen in the british parliament, to The Guardian.

And he believes that the seized papers may be crucial in the hunt for answers, when Mark Zuckerberg won’t be meeting up.

– We have followed the u.s. lawsuit and believe that the documents contain some of the answers we are looking for.

Facebook is now trying, with the help of the british legal system to get the papers back and will do everything to stop the publication of them.

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