After the shots were fired in front of a school in Bramsche near Osnabrück, a 16-year-old died of his serious injuries, according to the public prosecutor. The teenager was fatally injured by shots by an 81-year-old in Bramsche on Tuesday morning. The police had initially launched an investigation into the suspect for attempted murder.

According to the prosecutor, the 81-year-old man with Italian citizenship first shot the 16-year-old in the morning. He then shot in the direction of the teenager’s mother – who had come outside the house because she had heard the shots – before also critically injuring himself.

In the meantime, the man is no longer in mortal danger, but he was not able to be questioned on Wednesday and has not yet been brought before a magistrate.

The background to the fact was initially unclear. Perpetrator and victim were neighbors. The man was a marksman, the murder weapon was a “typical marksman weapon,” said a spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office. It is a small caliber pistol. It has yet to be clarified whether he has a gun license for this.

The suspect and the victim lived in the same house. There must have been dissonance, the spokesman said. Citing residents, the “Bild” newspaper reported that the 81-year-old had often complained about noise pollution. Whether the motive for the act of violence was a neighborhood dispute has yet to be clarified, the investigators said.

The shots were fired in front of a residential building across from an elementary school. The school children had been kept away from the crime scene and the investigation by the police.