the Incident occurred in sweden in the 20th time on Monday night, according to the alert.

the Car is now called, and the police officer’s on-the-spot for the man.

According to the police, it’s a yellow Volvo, model C70.

Text update , As verified during the wilma’s the life of the , Decided on the clothes • Forbid her to make friends She’s murdered his partner with a pillow, saying, Cursed”

Linda axelsson’s been sentenced to 18 years in prison: “Sitting astride of him.”

Expert: the Cure for your dizziness, vertigo, and kristallsjuka with a drill

to Take away the karusellkänslan • Camilla: 54: ”blown away.”

Swedes have ported the accession of Cyprus to open up at the beginning of June, the the Danes, the norwegians and the finns, are welcome.

”, the Doctor said: When you are brain-dead on the spot”

, Andreas Lilja, played 12 seasons in the national hockey league (NHL don’t remember his or her own career.

How many people have died in the corona of Sweden, the Folkhälsomyndigheten reports on the latest numbers.

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