the Alarm came in just before the bell 19 and of the two. The callers had heard a number of loud pops outside on the Blåbärsvägen in the Future.

“We were alerted about a serious crime,” says professor Howell.

by the time police arrived at the scene of the crime, outdoors, in a residential area with apartment buildings. anträffades of a man with gunshot wounds who are now being brought to the hospital by ambulance.

the Police have blocked off an area of the street, and started a criminal investigation of attempted murder.

” We have carried out some searches within the area of hundpatrull. Further, brottsplatsunderökning will be done in the evening, ” says professor Howell.

Skadeläget of the man killed is still unclear.

the Appeal of the Police are now doing outreach, looking for witnesses, as well as the search for, or the number of alleged gärningspersoner.

“What has happened over a period of time of the day when there is still a lot of people out, but we have high hopes that we will have evidence that can help us move forward in finding the person or people who have done this,” says professor Howell.

the Police are appealing to the public to get in touch with a tip about the incident.

” Have you heard or seen anything just prior to, or after the high shots and they seen anyone disappearing from the area, and it may be of interest to us. Let us consider whether it is important. Also, if you have seen anything that might have to do with this, ” says professor Howell.

to 21: 30, the time, the police had still not arrested a suspect perpetrator.

According to the animal world, it is the third shooting in the town of Värnamo municipality, in a short period of time. On Saturday, there was a shoot-out in Rydaholm, where the shots were shot at an apartment. Last Wednesday, there was yet another shooting in the centre of Värnamo, sweden.

the Text to be updated.

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