Influencern, Alexandra, Nilsson, 29, and her love, Andrew Hellmers, 38, has been together since 2017, and live in the same home.

this is A natural step forward is to be engaged, or having children, something the couple has not been discussed until now.

In a video on her Youtube channel hit, Nilsson down with her to discuss the children, förlovningar, and weddings.

Both of them are questionable as to whether they would like to have a child, and wanted to return them.

“I think it’s a yes, but I think the kids are tough,” says Alexandra Nelson. your Friends a warning: ”for Sure missed out on a great deal”
Hellmers says that he had friends who had warned him to be my dad.

” I have, for almost my entire life, haven’t had a yearning for a child. I don’t know what it is in. In between when they cuddled with the kids, you think, ”that would be nice, but you can see nightmare scenarios. I’ve had friends with kids who have looked deeply into my eyes and said, ”Andrew, whatever you do, get the never-children.” However, they got the children in a much earlier age, and they have certainly missed out on a big part of their lives as they saw that I had the opportunity to experience. But it all feels right, or it just happens, so you have to take it from there, ” he says in the video.

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When it comes to engagement and wedding celebrations is Alexandra Nilsson is a rock-hard, and she does not intend to free myself.

” I will not be free, and what do you know about the. I’m old-fashioned when it comes to children and marriage. I want this man to be free, and would prefer not to discuss the children until I am married. I think it’s really cool when you read about the girls who propose to their men, but it’s not something I want to do, ” she says in the video.

“you know what responsibility we bear,” says Andreas Hellmers.

the Gp has been applied for, Alexandra Russell, who writes that ”to expect a grand marriage proposal within a period of six months,” but it ends with a tongue emoji.

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