What was supposed to be a youthful mistake turned into a lifelong remorse: an American tourist sent a letter to the Hofbräuhaus, a restaurant in Munich, Germany, apologizing for stealing a mug of beer there during a trip with his friends 50 years ago, reports the Munich daily tz on May 11, 2024.

The facts date back to 1972, when Gregory K. took a trip to Munich with his university friends from Michigan. During their trip, they go to the Hofbräuhaus, a tavern known worldwide for its beer, served in porcelain tankards decorated with the letters HB and a crown, the restaurant’s emblem. The latter must have caught Gregory’s eye, who decided to steal one. He brings it back as a souvenir to the United States, to the state of Wyoming, where the tankard is still found!

Moreover, without knowing it, Gregory takes advantage of one of the last “opportunities” to steal a porcelain mug. A few months later, starting with the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, these were replaced by glass tankards. Today, the old tankards are still available in the tavern shop and cost between 40 and 45 euros.

Obviously, Gregory, now 74 years old, still has remorse. 52 years later, he decided to send a letter of apology to the Hofbräuhaus, in which he admitted to having stolen a mug of beer. Tz was able to consult it: “I took it without paying for it. I still have it, but I know I should pay it.” , he writes. In addition to the letter, he also slips a $50 bill into the envelope: “The attached bill should cover the price [of the mug, Editor’s note],” he explains in his letter. He signs his mail with the words: “a stupid student”.

The owners of the tavern were very pleasantly surprised: “We were delighted with this letter,” exclaims Hofbräuhaus boss Wolfgang Sperger to tz. The money will be donated to charity.

Gregory K., for his part, was thanked for his honesty: the tavern sent him a Bierzeichen, a coin worth a mug of beer. He also received an invitation to go to Munich, for a reunion with his restaurant, visibly engraved in his memory.