The Sicilian singer Joseph Leoni studied in Munich, his luck and found it at lake Starnberg. A double biography gives a glimpse into the social life in the 19th century. Century.

By Wolfgang Görl Wolfgang Görl

Wolfgang Görl, born 1954 in Munich, Germany, focused in high school, especially on his career as a rock guitarist, then nothing. Even in football, it was enough only for the A-class, which is why only the University remained. He studied German studies and philosophy at LMU Munich, master’s thesis on Thomas Mann. After an unfinished training as a taxi driver, he worked as a freelance Journalist for the star Berger local part of the SZ. From 1984 to 1997, editor in Starnberg, then a Reporter for the SZ-local editorial Süperbahis office in Munich. Writes feature stories, highlights and other glosses, and is in Other respects a typical specialist for everything. In 2005 was awarded the Theodor-Wolff-Preis and in 2010, the Herwig-Weber-prize of the Munich press club.

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at the beginning of the 1820s seems Joseph Leoni to be at the end: He is in his mid 50’s, professionally, it’s more downhill than uphill, his Request, after 35 years of service, time to get some more money, is also rejected his proposal to take on an additional Job. His marriage is not going to save for a long time, and his living situation is notoriously precarious. If it goes on like this, he will need to age a joyless life.

Leoni is on the brink, but …