Andrea Nahles reveled in memories and went into a rave. “A moment of Happiness” had it not been for you, as of 1995, the border controls between many European countries were abolished, and you could totally travel freely to the neighbouring countries of France and Luxembourg, she cried with a hoarse voice on Sunday to the delegates of the SPD nomination party tags for the Europe list for the election in may: “did It feel like freedom.”

As always, the 48-year-old politician, currently feels to be the Chairman of an increasingly insecure and desperate party – freedom and happiness should not be the first words that come to your mind. Because especially in the case of Nahles and Vice Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, many social Democrats invite their displeasure about the fact that their proud party seems to find a way to reverse the trend.

Still hard, sometimes devastating assessments of the two leaders are makers hear from very experienced and well – connected SPD is a function of only behind closed doors. But they just add to the evil atmosphere that could break at some point rail. The list of accusations of MPs against it is long. You a Scot, and surrounding yourself with only the Familiar from Juso-times, wool, along with Scholz in control over every little issue, instead of focusing on the big lines, and was removed from the base. “Since the thing with Maaßen, it is,” says a member of Parliament, categorically. There are now situations in which you should, as a top politician is not an error. The horror of the Yielding of the party leader at the base was so large, that confidence was destroyed ratio.

Also, the fact that it managed to Nahles with a rather strange emotion outbursts on the open stage during the debate camp of their party in the satire show “today show”, was felt to be in your party, described by some as embarrassing. The Fuerth Lord mayor Thomas Jung, spoke for many other social Democrats, he told the daily mirror: “The population has a positive image of her, whether rightly or wrongly. A figurehead or outstanding sympathy winner, she is anyway.”

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The new start of the CDU in Hamburg has made the task of the party and the group leader easier, at the same time, good results of the government work and of the party to inculcate in the much-vaunted process of “renewal” again, Pride and self-confidence. Although the defenders of the Grand coalition hope to achieve in the SPD of the CDU-Boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (STH) the willingness to reach Consensus and predictability, which, after months of the most intense contest is to bring back stability in the joint government. And the new party leader and incumbent Chancellor can deal with conflicts between the CDU and the Chancellery, in view of their close relationship. However, in view of the successful CDU-party tags from Hamburg, the plight of the SPD seems to be even greater. The Christian Democrats have shown to the Republic, with the open discussion of three prominent candidates, such as democratic “renewal” works on a big stage.

Nahles, although only eight months in office, acts in comparison with AKK of a sudden, as the representative of the Ancien Régime. The prediction of important SPD representatives, according to the Hamburg-broken tension will make the fans of the ACC and those of Friedrich Merz of the CDU to create hard, feels more like a duty, guilty of criticism as a resilient hope. Also, it should not be for the SPD easy to mark against the new CDU-Chairwoman, comes from the social wing of their party, a clear delineation in the social policy. With Friedrich Merz, the business lawyer and the former Blackrock-Supervisory Board, it would become much easier.

That Kramp-Karrenbauer their conservative society emphasizes political Beliefs, could provoke the first confrontation with her as a new party leader within the coalition. The SPD has, however, also accurately, that the new CDU leader has announced for January, a call for the refugee and security policy, the critics of the previous course of German Chancellor Angela Merkel are expected to participate.

Deputy party leader Ralf Stegner marks the boundaries

The CDU politician has declared that it rejects because of their Christian Belief, a Change in the advertising and information to ban abortion categorically. The social Democrats are demanding a Reform, which guarantees legal security for Doctors and Information for women. The pressure of expectations is high, Nahles. “For the SPD, it is excluded that the Paragraph 219a remains as he is,” says party Vice Ralf Stegner: “There must be a Change and serious efforts of the parties to an agreement.” The SPD parliamentary faction head had drawn back in March with regard to the Union’s request for the Amendment of paragraphs, and since then, the Federal government, a compromise being negotiated – so far without result.

Also, younger SPD deputies demand that the Union moves, even if their Chairman represents other than Angela Merkel in this issue, conservative accents. “I expect Mrs Merkel, that you will keep its promise to us, and we get a good result,” says Falko Mohrs, who, together with eleven other Parliament members in his group’s recent share of the vote for the case that the SPD and Princessbet Union ministries are unable to agree to the end of Autumn on a compromise solution. Behind it is the threat that the SPD could overrule the votes of the FDP, Left and Greens, the Union in the Bundestag.

Also on the topic of Migration Stegner marked as a precaution, the threshold of pain of the SPD. “Deviation from the coalition agreement about the right to stay for refugees in education and employment is not eligible,” he says, adding: “There is no second summer it is allowed to enter the theatre.” In the summer, the week had superimposed on the long-running dispute between the CSU and the CDU is a national go it alone in the case of the rejection of refugees at the German border almost all the other efforts of the large coalition, and the Trust in both people’s parties harmed. The SPD said at the time, a similar escalation is not going to tolerate it. However, the survey in the weeks since then, results waning. If the values are the 15 percent, the threat of a coalition break would mean that a quarter of all SPD members would be flying in the next election to the Bundestag.

Prior to the nomination party for the European list had revolted Nahles parts of your party, because the Board sat on the vote of state associations, and younger women for front places suggested. Of the regional associations recommended candidates landed, therefore, on the prospect of lots of places. The delegates voted on Sunday, Minister of justice Katarina Barley and the head of the social democratic faction in the European Parliament, Udo Bullmann, to your top candidate, but also confirmed the list of the Board of management. Candidates set candidates promising places wanted to challenge it, could not prevail. It had become clear that their intervention would provide “material for discussion”, said Nahles on the sidelines of the meeting. However, it is not “essential” if the party “should be more colorful and feminine”.

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the leading Duo selected Barley and bull man to lead the SPD in the European elections

On Sunday evening, wanted to call Nahles, for the first Time with the new CDU leader. “We will now see how the Union has positioned to the very tight result,” she said. Also to the foreseeable conflict t the paragraphs 219a she took position. The coalition have found in the past few weeks of Practice in dealing with difficult issues, and good solutions, said: “With this optimism, I start in the new week.”