This Sunday, June 16, TF1 will broadcast an exceptional interview of Céline Dion by Anne-Claire Coudray. For, the journalist agreed to share the behind-the-scenes of their interview.

The documentary “Je suis : Céline Dion” will be available on the Prime Video platform on June 25. On this occasion, Anne-Claire Coudray met the singer in Las Vegas for a special interview, which was aired on Sunday, June 16 in the 8pm news. Céline Dion talked about her illness, Stiff Person Syndrome, her journey, and her upcoming projects during the interview. Anne-Claire Coudray shared insights about how the interview came about and the preparation process.

Coudray mentioned that the opportunity to interview Céline Dion came before the announcement of the documentary and was finalized when Amazon Prime organized the promotion. TF1 was selected due to its large audience and previous interviews with artists like Brad Pitt and Stromae. The journalist highlighted the sincerity and honesty displayed by Céline Dion in the documentary, where she appeared without makeup and shared intimate moments of her illness.

During the interview, Coudray gifted Céline Dion a small Eiffel Tower, which deeply moved the singer. The gesture was a way to create a personal connection beyond the structured format of the interview. Coudray emphasized the importance of creating a meaningful moment that resonated with Céline Dion’s connection to France.

As a journalist, Coudray explained her approach to standing out in a controlled and structured environment where multiple journalists were allowed to ask questions. She noted that Céline Dion tailored her responses based on the audience, being more emotional and confessional with French journalists compared to a more defensive tone with American journalists.

Céline Dion shared her reasons for making the documentary, expressing the need to explain her absence from the stage and the emotional struggle it caused her. The singer also discussed her illness and the impact it had on her decision to take a break from performing. Despite facing challenges, Céline Dion remains resilient and determined to return to the stage one day.

Regarding the loss of her husband René, Céline Dion focused on her children and their future, aiming to provide them with a sense of security and comfort. The singer’s journey of resilience and determination was evident in her physical appearance, showcasing discipline and a dedicated team supporting her daily battle against her illness.

Coudray described the experience of interviewing such an iconic figure like Céline Dion, highlighting the singer’s ability to make others feel at ease and her transparency in the documentary. The journalist also addressed the topic of Céline Dion’s rumored participation in the Olympic Games, mentioning that it was not discussed during the interview.

Overall, the interview provided a glimpse into Céline Dion’s personal and professional life, showcasing her strength, humor, and unwavering passion for her craft. The documentary and the interview with Anne-Claire Coudray offered viewers a deeper understanding of the remarkable story of resilience behind the iconic singer.