It was going to be so good, but ended so painfully for realitydeltageren Robert Risager, who currently can be seen in ‘Ex on the Beach’ on Channel 4.

he has previously enjoyed with Fie Laursen, but in tonight’s title is the two Sara Run Isafold, the 20-year-old throws his attention.

It goes well, and together they seek against the bed, where he under the influence of alcohol takes the condom back and get it mounted before the act can begin.

And here begins the downturn of Robert Risager, who suffer from latex allergies and therefore has its own condoms with you to the Mauritius, where the program is recorded. Due to alkoholpåvirkningen and the fact that he will not destroy the good mood, he gets hold of one of the normal condoms, which the production has made available.

And then it goes wrong.

My penis burns, he screams and runs into the adjacent room, where his suitcase with the other condoms.

– Fuck, it burns, it roars, he on in the clip, which you can see above the article.

Thus is the momentum smoked, and both he and Sara must go disappointed back to bed.

Robert Risager has already had plenty of sex in ‘Ex on the Beach’. Photo: Anthon Unger

As Extra the Blade catches the Jeppe Conversations over the phone, he laughs when he hears what the interview should be about.

We were in the walk in three and a half minutes, and then it started to scorch and burn. I could hardly even pee. It was terrible, ” says Jeppe Conversations.

– Just as soon as I get the condom on, it does not hurt, but then you go in time, and I can feel my dick swell up. It does, when it happens. I can best describe it as a flagpole, there is white along the lever and then bright red at the top. It is terrible and really uncomfortable.

Film, tv & radio – 17. mar. 2019 – at. 07:47 See it here: the First few crack in ‘Ex on the Beach’

Robert Risager points out, even the comedy in that he’s in section one has stood and told the other participants about his allergies, and he then a few days later, forgetting to use her own condoms.

There went some years before he found out what was wrong.

– I went to the doctor when I was younger, because I was afraid that I had the disease, or I failed something. But I have never had an sti, and I began to think that sex might just not better. For the last recommended doctor me to buy latex-free condoms, and it worked for me. Since the sex has been fantastic, and I really have grown since, he says.

The cheerful nordjyde has been in vogue in the programme’s early start. Here he has both grown sex with Fie Laursen and now Sara Run Isafold, which he later, at home in Denmark. Especially the clips with him and Fie Laursen has been strange to revisit.

– Yes, we have both been given new partners after we get home. I’ve also gotten some messages about it with Fie, but it has only been supportive. I have not received any of Fies fans on the back of the neck, he says.

– You say that Fie is not a ‘keeper’, because In have sex on the first night. If you withdraw the comment?

– I don’t regret the concept of it, for it is my opinion, but I regret that I have not said it to her privately. It is not, because everything is excluded, because the man has sex on the first night, but I’m not much for it.

– In is well two on it?

– Yes, it is not Fie who has made a mistake, it is just as much my fault. There is no acidic mines, he says.