the Mayor of the brazilian therefore, Manaus, which is hard hit by the coronavirus, says that the president Jair Bolsonaro has a ‘responsibility’ for the high number of deaths in the country.

It writes the u.s. media CNN.

Mayor Arthur Virgilio Neto calls Bolsonaro to take as president, ‘keep your mouth shut and stay at home’.

The tough rhetoric sounds at the same time, with the death toll in Brazil continue to rise. In Manaus, is 1182 died, and only on Saturday were 51 funerals held.

Bolsonaro has repeatedly spoken of the outbreak of the corona virus down. He has called the Covid-19 of “a little flu’ and condemned the ‘hysteria’ around the disease.

In the absence of national guidelines, individual cities and states have been compelled to issue, each with its own set of precautions.

Almost all of Brazil’s 27 states is under some form of decommissioning.

Bolsonaro has participated in several demonstrations against these restrictions and shutdowns.

Mayor Neto expresses great frustration over Bolsonaros lack of support for the decommissioning, since, according to him rubs off on the citizens.

– the Majority of people listen to him (Bolsonaro, ed.), because citizens in Manaus has not maintained the requirements for social distance. He is instrumental to the deaths of coronasmittede, says Neto, according to CNN.

– I don’t know how it can be explained that a man with so low qualifications can become president of a country of 210 million people, he adds.

With over 363.000 confirmed smittetilfælde beaten Brazil only of the UNITED states.

Monday is the additional 807 people died of coronavirus in Brazil, which, according to the news agency Reuters is more than the UNITED states, which has registered around 600 deaths that day. Total is at least 22.000 coronapatienter died in Brazil.

Brazil has one of the lowest testrater, and researchers predict that the real number of infected could be much higher.

A research team, Covid-19 Brasil, estimates that about 3.6 million are infected. It is more than ten times as many as the official figure.