Sunday was the british media greeted strong in numbers up in front of the prime minister’s adviser Dominic Cummings’s house to get an opinion about the advisor’s breach of the rules about social distance.

Subsequently, the reporters along with several british media such as BBC, Daily Mail and The Telegraph has been accused of leading a witch hunt against the counsellor.

It happens under the popular hashtag #ScumMedia, where the journalists are accused of double standards, because they themselves break the rules by standing on the neck of each other.

In a video from the Sunday morning one can see how journalists and kamerafolk flock of Cumming, while frantically trying to get an opinion about his breach of the rules of social distance – all the while, they’re even almost falling over each other:

Video: Newsflare

on Monday chose Dominic Cummings so as to keep the press conference, and in the context he was criticized for, having driven his family to the north east of England, why, therefore, he has defied the rules under coronanedlukningen, as Cummings had to prepare.

But the media’s angle on the matter has, however, been made, that the criticism towards the british journalists have grown even more.

Policy – 25. may. 2020 – pm. 18:26 Johnson’s adviser does not regret that he broke the coronanedlukning

’the Social distance is clearly only applicable to some people’, it sounds for example.