Years ago dead british women visceral fate did not bring any clarity and mexican authorities mainly spreading his hands. The hospital said the body was handed over intact to the police in sealed body bags and alien death was reported properly. MOSTPHOTOS

He came home empty. They stole everything inside of her, Elaine Hines told the Sunday People in an interview.

Hines daughter Amanda Gill died a year ago in Mexico. When this body was returned to Britain, the family was waiting for a shocking surprise. The british authorities are doing a cat scan revealed that the internal organs were small intestine with the exception of brain and deep gone.

Amanda, 41, suffering from diabetes mellitus and he had been hospitalized in Mexico City in December last year. He died less than half a day in hospital since. The hospital claims that the body was handed over to the police organs and all cause of death research.

the Police took everything, including his clothes and phone.

– would have been illegal to export them (bodies) without his or his family’s permission. We are the accident and emergency clinic, we transplant hospital, Hospital de Cosi representative Angeles Nava said Sunday Peoplelle.

”Where are my sister’s Betxlarge eyes?”

mexican authorities that Amanda died of diabetes complications. In the uk the cause of death is not, for understandable reasons, been able to find out.

the Family wonders, how is it possible that Amanda died in the hospital and suspects that this body was sold.

If this happens to Amanda, how many other, it has happened and will it happen again? We believe that they were stolen and sold, the mother said to the press.

the Coroner Oliver Longstaff said last week the official in connection with the investigation, that the mexicans mainly seek to cover all possible. He considers it likely that the death was due to natural causes. The british have clarified matters including through our delegation, but no results according to press reports, have not been met.

Sunday Peoplelle mexican prosecutor said that no investigations have been initiated. Police refuse to comment on the case. The hospital in turn convince still dead from the family about 2 000 claims Amanda’s treatment.

Amanda’s family still has more questions than answers.

– Where are my sister’s beautiful blue eyes? Why they were taken from her? Where are his brain, his heart? sister Katie Miller-Gill , 35, asks.