Engineers are working on a fourth Generation of nuclear reactors that will be safer and more efficient. A novel molten-salt reactor uses about instead of solid fuel rods liquid nuclear Fuel – uranium in the form of a Salt. The new power plants want to the way to solve the nuclear waste problem. Instead of producing new waste, you should swallow the old. Nuclear energy Start-Ups, and some scientists insist that nuclear power as a climate-neutral energy source is necessary to slow climate change. Critics hold this promise but it is premature. the Christian J. Meier

Maybe you can Walt Disney for his Film “Our friend the Atom” of a tennis ball inspired. A tennis ball is enough to supply 20,000 households Sahabet with electricity for a year. You must fill only with uranium.

that was Walt Disney in the year 1957: The mankind should be convinced with a movie from the blessings of atomic energy. Not worked well at the beginning, then not at all. But since climate change is exacerbating, changes in some science, look at the core energy of learning again. Especially young researchers are relying on you because they hope that global warming can still stop. At least in areas where there is little Wind and the solar energy is not sufficient to replace Oil, Gas or coal.

the Renaissance of The nuclear power but should not bring the old reactors, but new reactors, they belong to the so-called fourth Generation. Supposedly the power plants are exactly what the conventional is no longer or never were: clean, economically efficient, and secure.