The Parc Astérix, one of the most famous Gaulish parks in France, is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. With new attractions, a musical comedy, and shows, the park continues to surprise us all. In 2023, it was the second most visited park in France with a record of 2.8 million visitors, enchanting the public with its attractions and shows for all ages. The park’s success is evident in its growth, now employing 430 permanent staff members and up to 2500 people contributing to the beauty and magic of the site.

Recently, the park introduced a new coaster called Toutatis, offering thrill-seekers a reason to return. This new ride features a magnetic propulsion system, accelerating from 0 to 110km/h in just a few seconds. It holds the title of the fastest attraction in France and Europe with its 7 propulsions. The park’s deputy general manager, Sébastien Retailleau, expressed pride in the diversity of activities offered, highlighting the strength and richness it brings to the Parc Astérix.

One of the featured attractions is the musical comedy “C’est du délire,” showcasing 11 actors and original songs. This production adds to the park’s diverse range of activities, lasting half an hour and featuring talented performers on stage. The musical follows the adventures of Groupidupianix and Sérotonine, as they dream of becoming the greatest bard and the first female druid in all of Gaul. Joining forces, the duo sets off on a remarkable journey.

From hotels to the Tower of Numérobis and the spectacle of the Olympe Dives, the Parc Astérix offers a variety of experiences even in bad weather. Sébastien Retailleau discusses these offerings and more in a podcast with Corentine Feltz, emphasizing the park’s ability to provide entertainment regardless of the conditions. The dedication of the staff and the continuous innovation at the Parc Astérix contribute to its ongoing success and appeal to visitors of all ages.