The Danish state need a big milliardindsprøjtning to have the money to pay the stripe of the stimulus packages adopted during the coronakrisen to save the pressed businesses.

Overall, the Danish state use of 294 billion dollars in funding this year. It informs the ministry of Finance in a press release.

It is 207 billion dollars more than was estimated at the end of 2019, where coronavirusset had not hit the world.

– the Need for additional funding due to special hjælpepakkerne in connection with the coronaepidemien, but also among other things, anticipated lower tax revenues due to the economic situation, writes the ministry of Finance.

Hjælpepakkerne, which among other things provides compensation for salary to former employees and corporate overhead expenses, stands to expire at 8. July.

the State had at the end of march, 130 billion dollars on its account at the central Bank, which you can choose to draw on.

the Account must not go negative. Thus, the majority of the 294 billion borrowed.

It is the central Bank, which stands to retrieve the loans home on the financial markets.

the Bank has been in borrowing money in recent months, which has already taken loans of more than 100 billion crowns.

the national Bank will continue to borrow more and more money in a steady stream over the summer.

the Money will be borrowed through a variety of tools.

It is done via government bonds, which are loans with maturity between two years and 30 years, and treasury bills, which are loans with shorter maturity.

in Addition, the central Bank has the option to sell government bonds and similar debt securities denominated in a foreign currency.