the Swedish Planners ‘ profile ms Elena Belle, 35, lost, unexpectedly, her husband, Michael Theanne, and when he suddenly died of a heart attack in the course of an outing in February.

Now, she has to, and soon, a three-year-daughter, Luna moved out of the house in which they lived, with Theanne, for an apartment with the security personnel around the clock, then that Belle felt unsafe alone in the house after his wife and mother.

In a question-answer time on the Instagram story, ” she said of her daughter’s life in his new home.

”do you Feel better in your new home?”, ask for a follower.

”Now, as I’m left alone with Luna, it feels better to be here. It’s right by the park, as Luna’s love”, said Elena Belle.

when asked about how she feels after the first two in the spring, writes Elena Belle.

”I ask myself that sometimes. This is probably the top and to the bottom. However, it is just to fight on”.

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a Daughter, Luna Belle is happy in his new home, but it still seems to be missing his beloved father, and to talk a great deal about him. Elena Belle writes about her daughter’s loss by Michael Theanne, and a tribute to Luna’s power.

”She missed him and frequently asked about him, and it breaks my heart. However, I think she’s doing okay, she is a very brave and strong little girl,” says Elena Belle.

you wonder, though, if Elena Belle is going to meet a new man, and in that case, say to the daughter that this is the man who is her father – something that will make Hollywoodfrun to respond.

”No!” Why would I want to tell you that. She knows who her father is, and will always know that.”

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