The New Onbahis Peugeot collection to complement the SW-station wagon model which is a sedan vetoisampi cargo space and more headroom in the back.Sleek Peugeot 508 SW does not of the Atlantic a ferocious weather afraid. BO INGVES

the station Wagon to the trunk to pull 530 liters, or 43 liters more than the sedan. There is also the headroom more than the sedan. Etuistui where the forward cars are almost identical.

the Portuguese at varying your car turned out to be comfortable ajokumppaniksi and pouring rain that sunshine.

the Noise level was uniformly low, and the farmer is probably the most commendable quiet also in the Finnish conditions.

cramped in the wheel below

Peugeot 508 is low and sleek, the height is only 1.4 meters.

a Low doorway and down the steering wheel requires at least this driver a touch of extra flexibility, in order to get in gracefully.

the Dashboard is the same as the sedan version of ie, also the steering wheel is as small. BO INGVES

One of the reasons certain types of ahtaudelle was the Peugeot iCockpit-concept, where the driver look at the dashboard a sporty small and angular to the steering wheel over, and as usual through the steering wheel.

Actually I had to hold the steering wheel to almost lap to get the dashboard properly displayed. This anomaly, except the car has a premium quality feel.

the Seat is comfortable and give a suitable side support, the steering is light but conscientious and the suspension is soft sturdy. Sport mode the car is crowded from, while Normal is a genial road race position.

engine damper model number follows the same expression than in the year 1968 presented to the 504. BO INGVES

Engines of enough impetus for everyday driving, and when in addition, the driving characteristics are at a good level and the noise level low, is this car a joy to drive longer distances. Test drive based on adaptive cruise control to work accurately, and lane departure warning have the car on the racing line to roam around very much.

Night vision trumps

the Car is quite well equipped with already Active equipment level from one of the world’s. cruise control, rain sensor, lane departure warning and keeping assist, roof rails and the passenger compartment and the luggage compartment between the protected network.

in the Following, i.e. Allure-level with LED headlights, adaptive cruise control, extended traffic sign recognition, keyless locking and start-up as well as bigger touch screen and navigation. GT-Line and the top model in the GT, standard equipment list longer former. All diesel models have a fuel heater with timer and remote control.

Koeajettujen cars equipped with level GT-Line and an engine of 180-horsepower gasoline engine and a 160 horsepower diesel engine. Them as an extension of the was the PSA group’s eight speed transmission EAP8 machine, which change readily and softly. Manual transmission is only available in the smaller 130 horsepower with diesel.

low basket of a car not the wilderness things are, but the beach rocks, however. BO INGVES

additional features from the list Night Vision -night vision system (not available Activeen) is worth mentioning. It uses an infrared camera to the car in front of moving people or other living beings to detect at night or in poor conditions at 200 metres. Price thought to be around 1 800 euros, but it can be money well spent, if it allows to avoid, for example, roadkill.

the Peugeot 508 SW comes to Finland in the beginning of the year. In 2019, the second half of the 508 collection expands download hybrid, which range electric is WLTP-measurement, about 50 km. The collection is later in store also a fully electric version.

the Luggage compartment floor is not straight, when the rear seat backs down. BO INGVESPeugeot 508 SW

Mika auto: the Upper D-segment hatchback, with the sedan version was presented earlier.

Engine: 1.6-liter PureTech petrol engine (180 and 225 hp), as well as BlueHDi-diesel 1.5- (130 hp) and 2.0-liter (160 and 180 hp). Eight-speed auto, 130 hp connection, also six step manual gearbox.

What technology: front-wheel drive. The PSA group’s modular EMP2-of the basic structure. Basket earlier, more rigid and lighter.

Performance: Acceleration 0-100 km/h in 7,4-11,2 h, top speed 210-245 km/h.

Consumption: WLTP-line consumption figures and carbon dioxide emissions and thus the price are not yet known to the 508 SW’s case. NEDC-read in the light of the sedan and station wagon consumption readings are pretty close to each other, i.e. the reference can say that the sedan WLTP fuel consumption are gasoline engines 6,8/7,2 l/100 km and diesel in the case of 4,6–5,8 l/100 km. CO2 emissions are, in turn, fork in 121-162 g/km.

Dimensions (p/l/d), mm: 4750/1859/1403.

luggage space: the 530 litre.