After a stampede in a nightclub near the port city of Ancona, there have been arrests. Including is to be a teenager to have sprayed in the night to Saturday at a concert over the top.

Two days after a mass panic in an Italian night club, the police arrested a suspect, the tear gas should have sprayed. The 16-Year-old had been identified by witnesses as a suspect. However, he had been due to the possession of drugs was arrested, the police found at his home. The Italian newspaper “La Republica reported about”. Thus, there were two other arrests for drug trafficking. The police gave up on requests, no information.

Six people are Dead and several injured

In the stampede after a concert by the Italian Rapstars Sfera Ebbasta in the night club “Lanterna Azzurra” in Corinaldo, six people had died, including five teenagers and a mother. The killed Teenagers, three girls and two boys, had been at the age of 14,15 and 16 years of age.

report According to Italian media, about 120 people were injured, 12 of them seriously. The injured were sent to hospital between 14 and 20 years old. Many had head and chest injuries sustained.

Different Numbers on Tickets sold

It is checked, whether the Club was crowded. The evidence suggests that the number of guests was significantly higher than the available space. The number of Tickets sold is different from the circulating. You are between 680 and 1400.

“So you should not die with 15, said interior Minister Matteo Salvini. He promised “to find those responsible, the night turned through malice, stupidity or greed of a party into a tragedy”.

Six people are Dead and several wounded: The balance sheet after the mass panic in the Italian night club “Lanterna Azzurra”.

locked emergency exits?

A 16-year-old concert-goers had reported, when he attempts to flee, had at least been to one of the emergency exits blocked. Minister of the interior, Salvini, according to reflect the first investigations, discussions this information. Also brigade commanders, your Dion Poggiali said the TV station Sky TG24 News, as the rescuers had arrived, would have had all the doors open. It must be determined whether safety regulations were complied with and whether that would have played a role in the accident.

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