The 28-year-old Ramsey Bearse, who is a former beauty queen for the state of Kentucky and participant in the Miss America 2015, is accustomed to pose for a large audience. In his civilian job as a fysiklærerinde at a school in West Virginia, where she now lives, she’s also accustomed to show himself in front of his many students.

But on Friday, she was not so thrilled with the attention as she even had to ‘be in front’ in front of a judge in the city of Charleston, where she was charged with using Snapchat to have sent several nude pictures of herself to a 15-year-old boy, as she had previously taught in physics at school Andrew Jackson Middle School in the city of Cross Lanes.

Here attending the Miss Kentucky in a bikini competition in Miss America. (Photo: AP)

Ramsey Bearse has in fact already in connection with Redwin the case admitted that she has sent nudes to his former pupil. The case was only revealed because the 15-year-old boy’s parents discovered nøgenbillederne on his cell phone, and they have reportedly been quite surprised when they discovered that nøgenbillederne was sent by his former fysiklærerinde.

It writes several media outlets including the Washington Post, and the Daily Mail

Ramsey Bearse has also been suspended from his job as fysiklærerinde. After the charge is Ramsey Bearse is now again set free after paying a bail of 83,000 dollars.

It remains to be seen whether Ramsey Bearse also sent nude pictures to other students at the school. Police have urged anyone who has been out for something like that to contact the police.

Ramsey Bearse posing proudly as Miss Kentucky. (Photo:

Ramsey Bearse is here with in a procession in connection with Miss America. (Photo: AP)

Here is the image that the police have made of the Ramsey Bearse in connection with the case. (Photo: the Kanawha Sheriff)