The former chairman of the social democratic party SPD in Germany Hans-Jochen Vogel is on Sunday the death of, 94 years, after a long illness.

It inform the sources close to the family to the news agency dpa.

Vogel was chairman of the SPD in the midst of a historical period of Germany – the German reunification in 1990.

As a politician is remembered Hans-Jochen Vogel as a diplomatic broker between the wings of the SPD, as also he is known to seek cooperation with the other parties.

He is remembered also for his work for the environment, equality and integration.

Vogel was born in the university town of Göttingen. He was as a young woman, an active nazi and a member of the hitler youth. He was during the Second world War officer in the German wehrmacht.

He later explained, that it is not struck him at the time, that you actually could, or indeed should, resist his own state.

He ended up as a prisoner of war in the u.s. army.

In 1952, began his political life to take shape when he was juniorembedsmand in the bavarian ministry of justice. Before then he had obtained a doctorate in law in 1950.

The political career began in earnest when he declared in 1960 was the lord mayor of Munich, which he had, until 1972, when he was minister for regional planning, construction and urban development.

He was minister of justice from 1974 to 1981, where he opted out of the job for the benefit of overborgmesterposten in west Berlin, but lost already in the same year the entry to the CDU.

1987 he managed to become chairman of the SPD as the successor of Willy Brandt. He resigned in 1991.