All the talk about how streaming services are a challenge to the linear television, if not out of the question. Also for radio stations, the tricky issue is how to Germany-radio-artistic Director Stefan Raue admitted in a journalist interview on Tuesday evening in Berlin.

he had some good Numbers. About a year after the Start of the DLF-audio library App is becoming more and more important. You recorded 5.1 million calls in November alone. Favorite show to subscribe to, its own radio program, and listen when and where you want – the challenge is for Rough in this Trend for a time-delayed reception with the expectations in the three linear out to join programmes: Germany radio, Germany radio culture, and Germany radio Nova.

That is not easy, shows the excitement around the switch-off of the linear daily “Kakadu”-kids ‘ show. Instead, to be offered beginning in the spring of 2019, three Holiganbet Podcasts a week. The work of daily conversion to a digital offering, the time offset can be used, would be in line with today’s usage patterns of parents and children, so Germany radio-program Director, Andreas-Peter Weber.

in terms of financing of public broadcasting, it is not clear where the journey goes. The of some States favored index model was “a possible solution”, so Rough. It things are still not clear about the role of the Commission to determine the financial needs of the broadcasters. At the originally from Schleswig-Holstein proposed, and after Harsh words from six to eight States were in favour of index model of the broadcasting fee would be pegged to the inflation rate every two years automatically increased.

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The model would be effective from 2021, when the next increase of the broadcasting fee is expected. At the same time as the order of the stations should be clarified.