this is Peter, He the parent company Arena Holding AS had a very successful year last year. The business went smoothly, and the miljardärens plan to hire thousands of new employees in the various companies.

But that was not the case. Instead, it arrived coronakrisen, ” he says to the Swedish television SVT’s, Carolina Neurath, in the ”Morgonstudion”.

“I have been saying that for the next month, I have employed about 40 000 people in all of the societies I’m in, and so it is that we will have to lay off several thousand employees,” says Peter He, to the television station. the Companies, is in crisis
in 2018, the turnover of the Strawberry Holdings AS of 10.8 billion annually, and 95 percent came from the hotels and restaurants. There are chain the Nordic Choice, with its more than 200 hotels in the Nordic countries and the Baltic states.

But then, coronakrisen briserade, the results störtdykt. The express newspaper has in the past told me that the hotellimperiet to lose at least one generally annual in the month of the pandemic.

the Companies is approximately $ 250 million per month, or 350 000 sek / h.

” With so many people, you need to lay off over a long period of time. The time it takes to bring down the cost. We are a company that has tried to be one with the most potential of the hotels are open, and it will cost a lot of money, ” says Peter He, to the NATIONAL.

He continues:

” But the important thing is that we are in a good funding that we got from the best of the year. I had to have the capital to bear through it.

is Peter, He Should get it back
Nordic Choice has permitterat 3, 000 people in Norway and sweden, where the national states have covered the largest part of the wage bill.

But there are still 14,000 people. More than 7 500 of them have been pending to date, of which 4,500 are based in Sweden.

In an interview with Swedish television SVT says it is Peter, He to he has set a goal to get back to all of the employees of the following:

” My position and the management’s ambition is to get back to them, no matter if it is in the Text, if it is in the kryssningsföretaget Hurtigruten cruise ship, or if it is in Nordic Choice.
bankruptcy threat on the Wing
the Pandemic ” triggered a long-vargtimme for Peter He. In spite of that, he was in an interview about the importance of being an optimist. Not, at least in the case of the airline to the Wing, where his became the owner of the previous year.

as the Express has previously reported that half a million swedes have paid for package holidays, with the Wing that has not been carried out. The replacement cost for the charter company, amounts to 2 billion dollars – and threatens to plunge the company into bankruptcy.

this is Peter, He says to SVT that it is going to require financial assistance from the united states, and for more co-operation between the nordic countries, in order to save the flygnäringen.

in Addition, the airlines will soon be take off from the ground.

“If the airlines will not be allowed to fly, they will not survive,” says Peter He, to the NATIONAL.

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