at Night, our author often no peace during the hour melts away. In the search for a solution for his sleep disorder, he discovered a surprising finding.

By Alex Rühle Alex Rühle

Alex Rühle, born in 1969, studied literature, philosophy and French in Munich, Berlin and Paris and works since 2001 as an editor and culture reporter in the features section.

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Sometimes in the middle of the night in the head Aresbet with a lamp switched on. Zack, awake, and the brain los I have no idea, as the lunch was a meeting. Sometimes what mills during the dreaming in your head, the dream turns always the same loop until you Wake up in the lower tunnels of the night, deep, depressed, tired to death. On such nights the Dark of a granite wall, immovable, overpowering. All the Worries are for the bed such as the close Relatives of a corpse. And sometimes, you simply lie there, …