The alpine ski world cup is scheduled to be held in two weeks on February 20 and 21, however, the organising country of Italy would like to move the world CUP a little over a year. It is said that the Italian olympic committee president Giovanni Malago to the tv channel, the Rai, during the the Sunday night.

the Malago, stated that the country’s ski association on Monday to inform them of the international ski federation, Fis, though his preference would be that the world CUP is held after the OLYMPIC games in Beijing, which is scheduled for February 2022.

” It’s a decision I fully stand behind it. There are a lot of smärtamt but with some common sense. If there is a problem (with the coronavirus in October or november, we won’t be able to hold the world CUP in 2021, he said.

the Fishing was announced on Monday evening that they have taken against the promoter’s wishes, but that the league wanted to look into the matter and that a decision will be taken no later than the 1st of July.

”Quite sad”
back Home in Sweden and took Anna Swenn-Larsson, received the news with disappointment.

” It is, of course, very boring. I was hoping for a world CUP in One of the next season, ” she says to news agency TT.

the 28-year-old from the Performances lined-up at the top of the cup before the season was to be broken earlier due to the pandemic. That the crisis could be long-lasting, that it may have consequences also for the next season of the show was not something she had expected.

” I didn’t think it would be as serious as it was. It’s really kind of sad. Sorry for all of the sports, and for society as a whole. No, I didn’t think it would last a long time, “says the swede, who, however, adds a hopeful note:.

” But you don’t know. Maybe it will disappear soon.

< Otajmad peak
Swenn-Larsson, who won the world silver medal at Åre in 2019, has been very close to winning the world cup a number of times, but it has not yet been set at the top of the podium. In the Cortina d’ampezzo was slalomstjärnan nevertheless, it has been Sweden’s largest guldhopp.

” I’ve felt good all spring, and at the end of the season. I’ve been feeling motivated and re-energized.

” I’ve been trying not to think about it so much. I’m running on, and I hope that this good form continues, in a few years. Then, we get to see, like I said, nothing is set in stone. I hope this will be of nice races, and that we will be able to implement them in the upcoming season.
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