Where is your vanity?
in The mixing of my Songs.

What you always have in your fridge?
spinach, almond milk and red Pesto for emergencies.

What Talent would you like?
I would like to have the Overview of the next two weeks. I can just think three days in advance.

In what Situation would you rather be a man?
When you pay.

favorite piece of clothing in your closet?
My black silk kimono. I wear it on stage, Private and travel. I feel safe to me.

when will you have regrets the last Time, to have your cell phone turned off?
just before a concert, as me and my tenant several times contacted, what threw me out of my meditative collection.

“happiness finds you when you stop believing in it, it finds you.”

your favorite song? And why? Bets10
“All the World Is Green” by Tom Waits. In just a few lines of this Song says so much about life – he is highly focused, complex, and acts as simple. This reduction, in which all diversity is, fascinates me. And the clarinet solo in the Bridge is one of my absolute favorite moments.

Where do you go in the city, if you want to be alone?
Into the cosmos, where I can drag me into various corners. And to the Café, Hotel Rivington & Sons, a fascinating place in Zurich – such as time travel.

most impressive of Zurich figure, alive or dead?
I can’t decide between Beat Richner and Hugo Lötscher.

when did you dance last Time?
In the Rothaus at night poster to hang up for our concert at Moods.

what is a happiness?
If you stop to believe that it finds you.

Why are you not a vegan?
Because as a musician is always stressful situations in which the only Tolerable beer and Pizza at the Bellevue. In between, I live again and again vegan.

Recorded by Carmen Roshard


Created: 09.12.2018, 20:18 PM