because of the danger, for that the cars could potentially catch fire, withdraw car giant Mercedes-Benz 300 000 cars worldwide. The recall applies to certain dieselmotoriserede versions of the Mercedes E-Class and Mercedes CLS, and the problem is an electrical connection in the engine compartment, it could short circuit. In the worst case, with the result that the car breaks into fire.

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The affected cars are all with diesel engines and is produced between 2016 and 2019, and on ‘Mercedes-Benz-language’, there is talk about the models ‘Mercedes W213 (E-Class)’, ‘238 (E-Class coupĂ©) and C257 (CLS)’.

In Norway, several Mercedes cars have been recalled, although according to Norwegian TV2 has not yet been an overview of how many it is.

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– the Error which in the worst case can lead to fire, is related to an electrical fordelerskinne located in the engine compartment. It transfers power to the various components such as starter and alternator, says Audun Sørensen, head of communications at Mercedes-Benz Norway, for

– In cases where the moisture comes into fordelerskinnen, the electrical power cause thermal tension in the fordelingsskinnens plastic material. And so it begins in the worst case, that burn, says Hermansen.

Mercedes-Benz Denmark can not to Ekstra Bladet say whether the cars sold in Denmark are affected by the fault.

In Norway, there are not aware that cars are broken in to fire because of the error, and the Norwegian Mercedes importer. stresses that security is of great importance.

– the Customer’s safety always has priority in the handling and follow-up of safety-related problems such as this, says Audun Hermansen.

The affected car owners in Norway will be contacted by Mercedes, so a authorised repairer can check and possibly repair the car.

– The actual repair of the fault is estimated to take less than 1 hour. This is of course free of charge for affected customers, says Hermansen.

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