the Old love rusts not. Nor by The high Court, which today provides the framework for legal action, as Sherin Khankan has brought against her former boyfriend Naser Khader (K).

– Naser Khader delivered to me. Not in the literal sense, where he was down on one knee with a ring. But I seen not with a man without the with for marriage. It knew Naser good, tells the 45-year-old Sherin Khankan, who is the director of the association Exitcirklen, in the courtroom in Søborg.

Naser Khader, together with Markus Knuth and Martin Henriksen had been sued for libel by Sherin Khankan, as the three udlændingeordfører in an e-mail back in 2017 has made ‘defamatory allegations’ against her and samfundsdebattøren Khaterah Parwani in connection with their work in the Exitcirklen.

Exitcirklen is an association that helps women subjected to psychological and honour-related violence, and had an actual 680.000 dollars for a three-year project for persons exposed to psychological violence.

In the email stated, among other things, that Sherin Khankan ‘in 2011, the defense piskeslagsstraffen for adultery’. Something, as she repeatedly explained away subsequently, and as she also categorically maintains its afstandstagen to in court today.

the firing stops has damaged her reputation and reputation, she believes.

– I am against all barbaric also escorted. Lashes are also a barbaric also escorted. And I am for 100 percent, says Sherin Khankan.

An internal email from three mps about a well-known debater, was three years ago for a public affair, which was talked about, that they should have committed a karaktermord.

Now, the Eastern high Court to determine whether the three has overstepped the bounds and should be punished for defamation.

The private criminal case is raised by Sherin Khankan, a sociologist of religion, an imam and director of the Exitcirklen. She was the target of an email message, as Naser Khader (C), Marcus Knuth (K), Martin Henriksen (DF) in 2017 sent to other udlændingeordførere.

the Trio tried to convince their colleagues from other parties, to Exitcirklen should not have 680.000 million from the rate adjustment pool to work with honour-related conflicts. This had been recommended by the relevant authority.

In the email stated, among other things, that Sherin Khankan ‘in 2011, the defense piskeslagsstraffen for adultery’. This refuses she.

The subsequent public debate unfolded also on Facebook. Here wrote Naser Khader on Khankans ‘black islamist past’.

Monday will the parties sit face to face in a court room on Fremtidsvej in Søborg. Because of the fundamental significance of the Copenhagen city Court pushed upwards in the system to three landsdommere in The high Court.

Among other things, they must look at a provision in the Constitution. Here it says that mps can not be held responsible for their statements in the Parliament without claiming consent. The email can be assimilated to an utterance, and therefore the court should dismiss the case, believes the defendant’s lawyers.

Furthermore, policy-makers an expanded freedom of expression, points out the so-called påstandsdokumenter.

Here one can also read that Naser Its lawyer turns on, that ‘islamist’ is not to be understood as a supporter of an islamic state, but as a muslim with fundamentalist positions.

However, Sherin Khankan, that the three not only assessments, but has raised the actual allegations against her in order to go in for lashes, which corresponds to the brutal violence. Her reputation was damaged, just like her personal security was put at risk, it sounds.

the Lawsuit is actually an attempt to protect freedom of expression, states in her lawyer’s pleading. It should not be accepted, that politicians take advantage of their special position to personangreb and thereby discourages others from engaging in the public debate, he believes. The requirement is 10,000 dollars.

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Under the partsafhøringen com details about Sherin Khankan and Naser Its relationship forward. By the turn of the millennium were dating the over a period of time, where Naser Khader, according to Sherin Khankan was ‘loving her’.

– Our families met each other, and his mother was very happy for me. It started with that I got his phone number from his little sister, which I was and still am friends with. At the time I admired him for his work. He gave lectures, which I also had started on, so I contacted him for an interview. It evolved into a dinner afterwards, and we then began to be seen. He was in love with me, explains Sherin Khankan opposite lawyer Heidi Højmark Mets, who defends her ex-boyfriend.

the Opinion led to the flushing of the face of the Party, and the three landsretsdommere could not refrain from smiling.

Conversely, recognizes the Party is not Sherin Khankans description of the kærlighedseventyret.

– We were secret lovers. As we observed, was Sherin engaged to a pakistani medical student at the time, claims the Party, when he was questioned by his counsel.

– My mother is coming roughly from the same area in Syria as Sherins father. Therefore, visited my family, her family. But we were guests in the home, says folketingspolitikeren.

Were you at home with Sherin Khankan as a suitor, ask Heidi Højmark Mets his client.

– No. There was no one who knew anything about our relationship. I have not proposed to Khankan. We parted peacefully, says.

Naser Khader and Sherin Khankan history goes back to when she in 2002, where both she and Khader was he Radical in Copenhagen, at the party’s national convention voted no to a resolution with the heading ‘no to sharia law’, which took a strong stance on stoning sentences.

Khankan would not vote for it, since she was against the chapeaux formulation according to her, mixed in with the death penalty and barbaric normal with islam, she explained.

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