For Tuesday’s planned Brexit vote in the British Parliament could be moved. It is very unlikely that the Prime Minister May bring the majority of the 650 MP. Its critics argue that it is the withdrawal agreement in the Brussels post – why the EU is unlikely to be ready. There are also Considerations to a second Brexit Referendum. the Cathrin KAHL far, London Cathrin bare far

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the Whole of the UK is staring currently on the house of Commons in London, where on Tuesday evening at 19 o’clock UK time on the withdrawal agreement between the EU and the UK to be voted. Alone: On the weekend it looked like the vote would not take place in may. What has been rumored for days, was extended on Sunday: The defeat for the government of Theresa May could be that crashing your Cabinet advised members and Tory members strongly to postpone the vote.

Controversial especially the so-called Backstop, a catch-all solution for the case is that Brussels and London are unable to agree to the Brexit during the subsequent Transition period to the trade contract. There is considered to be quite likely, would Northern Ireland remain far closer to the EU tied as the Rest of the country to avoid a hard limit on the island. The opponents of the Backstops are concerned that this could develop into a long-term solution and are asking the British government in Brussels have the right to a unilateral exit Betexper from the Backstop out to negotiate. The EU makes such a concession, is considered to be highly unlikely. Members of the negotiating Committee, which is headed by Michel Barnier, say you’ll come, contrary to London may be that of the actual Brexit, the for the 29. March 2019, it is planned to have a maximum of three months will be moved. The Text for the exit of the Treaty, nothing more is to be amended, not more than the wording of the political Declaration on the future of relations after the Brexit.

The final decision on the vote in the lower house to fall on this Monday, however, hardly anyone in Whitehall a way to get without renegotiations, a majority among the total of 650 members of Parliament. The Northern Irish DUP, the May in gives the lower house since the election in 2016, a majority, has announced plans to vote against the agreement, as well as the Scottish national party SNP. The Labour members reject the Deal, predominantly, and, what is most for May on the devastating, nearly 100 conservative MPs have announced they would vote against their own government. Arithmetic can’t win May the vote – although she has released since the agreement with Brussels to try and persuade Parliament and the country that your Deal is the only way.

May threatens a dramatic defeat

The question that is now being negotiated in London, with some despair, however: What now? What can and should happen, if Parliament were to reject, as provided in the contract? Brussels will negotiate be willing to? There is the house now a majority in favour of a second Referendum or a vote of no confidence? Everything, but everything is uncertain. The Sunday Newspapers were only agreed that May will not dare to go seeing eye in a dramatic defeat.

The Times reported, members of the Cabinet had been convinced by the reluctant May, which is officially still at the Voting meeting, of which she had to have in Brussels a so-called handbag the Moment, which is based on the legendary handbags of the equally legendary former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and thinks that May should ask the EU with a decisive gesture to renegotiation.

Meanwhile, tinkering with numerous political strategists in the house of Commons to the alternative solutions of how a government can be prevented crisis. On Tuesday morning, some of the amendments likely to be introduced, which provide, among other things, that the members of the government give up, not without a Deal to leave the EU, but also the current Deal will not be put to the vote. At the same time, the cross-party, intensive negotiations on a second Referendum on the Brexit. Many appears to be currently used as a last resort out of the Chaos.