The young woman had been found in July, covered in blood in front of a primary school in Barsinghausen. DNA evidence convicted the offender, to 14 years in prison.

condemned To the violent death of 16-year-old Anna-Lena from Barsinghausen (lower Saxony), the district court of Hanover, a young man of a 14-year prison sentence for manslaughter.

“The court has no doubt at all that they are the perpetrators of this homicide,” said the presiding judge to the accused, 24-Year-olds. The man had denied the killing and during the trial, kept Betist silent.

The girl had been found in the middle of June covered in blood in front of a primary school in the small town of Barsinghausen. How DNA evidence had slain the young man and the young people with a 9.5 kg heavy Branch. His Shoe print was found on her neck. A sexual offence were the investigators after the autopsy. The prosecution had demanded reasons, a sentence of life imprisonment for the accused for the murder of a low move. The defence pleaded for acquittal.