Denmark’s military presence in Iraq stands to get a sharp nøk up, when the Parliamentary defence committee on Tuesday put together.

Here addresses the politicians motion for a resolution (B 159, that should give the Defense the green light to take over responsibility for the Nato training mission in Iraq.

From the end of this year and a year and a half forward.

Defence minister Trine Team (S) is / are proud that Nato has chosen Denmark to be in charge of the mission.

– There is no doubt that it is a huge recognition of the Danish defence, and the efforts we have made until now in Iraq, she says.

the Danish soldiers have since 2014 been in Iraq as part of the us-led mission Operation Inherent Resolve, aimed to defeat the Islamic State caliphate.

Here, the danes have mainly trained the iraqi army and guarded the al-Asad base west of Baghdad, which has several times been subjected to rocket attacks from the militsgrupper.

It was also at al-Asad base, to a team of Danish soldiers in January had to seek shelter, when Iran sent ballistic missiles on the base as punishment for that the UNITED states had liquidated the iranian general Qassem Soleimani.

By a stroke of luck, nobody was killed in the attack.

The new deployment to Baghdad are not safe, warns the Trine Team.

– the level of threat was high on al-Asad. It is also in Baghdad. It is the therefore, there is a need for the presence of the soldiers, she says.

the Contribution of up to 285 man will consist of a force commander, staff officers, as well as transport helicopters.

As one of the main to a 100-man team in addition to escort military pings in Baghdad and the surrounding area.

the secretary of defense, suggests that the Danish soldiers are well trained and well prepared to eskorteopgaverne in Baghdad, very similar to the Danish soldiers in recent years have made in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul.

– So I have great confidence that they can navigate in, she says.

the Danish Defence Intelligence service (FE) is following the situation in Iraq closely prior to the broadcast of the Danish contribution.

on Monday night sent the FE a new threat assessment.

In this predict the service that the Danish soldiers can look forward to threats from both the Islamic State fighters, proiranske, shiite militias, criminal groups, and angry civic groups.