A German study followed 2000 women that have been diagnosed with breast cancer, after they had gone in the menopause.

Researchers have looked at women’s use of supplements at different times, both before, during and after their treatment for breast cancer.

in Conclusion, women who eat supplements with antioxidants while undergoing chemo – or radiotherapy for breast cancer have an increased risk of dying.

– the Point is that if you look at the type of dietary supplements called antioxidants, so, one can see that particularly the women taking the supplements while undergoing chemo – or radiotherapy, have an increased risk of dying in the follow-up period, and an increased risk for relapse, says Anja Olsen, senior researcher at the Danish Cancer society.

She explains that it is a significant overrisiko the researchers find, and therefore recommends the Danish Cancer society, to breast cancer patients keep away from supplements with antioxidants.

– Yes. And it is not because it is so very new. The new in this study is the fact that you’ve seen on some women who actually choose to take supplements or not. There is made quite a few studies that have looked at the biological mechanisms in the here antioxidants, which are some of the common vitamins and minerals.

She says that it is primarily the preparation, selenium, and so are the A, E and C vitamins, one must be careful to take, if one is breast cancer treatment.

– Why is it that it is not good to eat it here, when you have breast cancer?

the Study of here can’t say anything about why. It may just find that it goes the patients worse. But the theory is that if one chooses to increase its intake of the antioxidants, so you get a reduced effect of the treatment.

– So if you get enough fewer side effects of cancer treatment, but you will, therefore, also a smaller effect. So one protects one degree or another is likely to the cancer cells against the treatment you give them, if you take supplements with antioxidants.

– Our theory is that dietary supplementation with antioxidants decreases the effects of cancer treatment, says seniorforskeren.