Police were summoned to the church in Cleburne in the north of the state, where it was held a nissefrokost Saturday. The complaint concerned the people who stayed illegally on private property, and at the site there were three people who demonstrated against the event.

mother of four Heather Johnson said to a local TV station that she was confronted by the protesters when she was on the way into the church.

– Allow your children to believe in the fake santa claus, or do they know who Jesus is, would the men know.

– When I asked them to not ruin christmas and santa claus for my kids, they began to shout that santa 1xbet is not real and that it was wrong of me to teach the kids there, ” says Johnson.

Two of the men left the site after the police request, but the 31-year-old Aaron Urbanski refused to give up. he was therefore arrested for disturbing the public peace and order and not abide by the police order.

No nonsense with santa claus! write mayor Scott Cain on Twitter after the incident. The statement is an easy rewrite of the state’s unofficial slogan “Don’t mess with Texas!”

– In addition to having to appear in court, they would well rather have coal in the stockings of his, continued the mayor. A kullbit in the stocking is the classic punishment of children has not been kind.


– Santa claus is not real, said vikarlærer. And got fired