Quiet now.

– The most traumatized is enough, the teacher and his partner …

– 8. class students have probably both seen and heard it, there were worse… but good to inform about this.

How to write Peter C. in one of the seven comments that are written in Randers Amtsavis’ Facebook profile on the ‘really, really unfortunate’ incident, which unfolded Wednesday morning in dallas.

Here sat 8. class namely and were taught via their computer, but when the lesson ended, there were still sent sound of place from the teacher’s home. And it was supposedly the sounds of the two adults that had sex.

There were probably not any sounds, the students haven’t heard before, calm on the so …

– it is most sorry for is the teacher, writes Sofie’s, while Sanny K. can’t hold back:

– Sorry, but it’s hard not to laugh, write Sanny.

the Headmistress Jan Pedersen from Rismølleskolen, which is located in the outskirts of Randers-the suburb of Dronningborg, says Randers Amtsavis, that one is not sure how the teacher’s sexlyde suddenly could be heard on the student computers:

– We suspect that the computer goes to sleep, and the teacher assumes, therefore, that it is turned off.

– But there is still sound on, say, the headmaster, but what do you say?