Boris Buchholz writes, always on Thursdays, from STEGLITZ-ZEHLENDORF, this time, one of these topics: +++ Only with the identity card out the garbage: the Steglitz district places book about the personal experiences of the Berlin wall, a new on +++ Europe is in Zehlendorf: The Wilma-Rudolph-oberschule is the Embassy school of the European Parliament +++ Persecuted Sinti and Roma: Stele recalls starting on Friday of the “racial hygiene and population biological research unit” Under the oaks 82 to 84 +++ “It is absurd”: the district ordered the free school of wit and seriousness shot skeptical +++ in the photo exhibition “The South West of en Vogue” +++ “art vs. walls”: The Association art.Room.Steglitz calls for 30. Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall back-to-school project +++ Hockey-Highlight: spring trophy of the Steglitzer TK with 14 teams +++ The light-the final: What are the short green phases for pedestrians, the readers the most upsetting +++ Without a goalkeeper: Two 6 – and 8-Year-old Junior hockey players spill the beans +++

Corinna von Bodisco Initiative to Start thinking logs this time of FRIEDRICHSHAIN-KREUZBERG, for example, clean up in Parks +++ Aldi-termination in the market hall Nine and “round table” not to hit the waves +++ Who was invited to the table – who? +++ Residents demonstrate on Saturday for “kiezmarkt hall instead of a luxury-eating-mile” +++ What has cost the youth recreational ship? +++ Year card without swimming-pools + + not worth+ the brommybrücke. Is headed finally? +++ Days of action “against displacement and rent insanity” +++ Bergmannstraße abgepollert +++ Workshop at the Lenau school library on the International Kinderbuchtag +++

And from PANKOW has issues Christian Hönicke this week, among other things, these here for you: +++ the aircraft noise protection for Pankow? +++ Between culture and night’s rest: So it goes on the wall of the Park +++ castle Park: residents not +++ the escape tunnel in the wall Park is a memorial site + + +

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