For years, Brazil’s justice determined in the corruption scandal involving the Oil company Petrobras, against politicians and businessmen. Also against Ex-head of state Temer allegations were. Now he’s been arrested.

Against the former President of Brazil, Michel Temer, an arrest warrant has been issued because of corruption allegations. The Prosecutor’s office said. Judge Marcelo Breitas have arranged the warrant. Breitas is for the investigations in the huge corruption scandal of the “Lava Jato” (car wash). It’s a corruption network around the semi-public Oil company Petrobras.

according to media reports, Temer was arrested in Sao Paolo. The television channel Globo showed footage where he was seen with police officers. Later, he was brought in a police convoy to the airport.

Against the conservative politician from 2016 until the end of 2018, at the tip of Brazil, had been transformed during his tenure, allegations of corruption, according to. His party criticized the arrest as a rush. “The party hopes that the Ministry of justice establishes the personal freedoms and the presumption of innocence,” she explained.

Against Temer is determined due to various corruption scandals. He should have threaded in, among other things, the awarding of a power project, the payment of bribes to the former energy Minister Moreira Franco. Brazilian media is reporting that Franco was also arrested.

In January Temer handed over the reins to his successor, Bolsonaro.

a cross-Party corruption network

The Petrobras scandal is shaking the Brazilian policy for years. In the affair numerous business involved people and politicians of different parties. Petrobras is said to have awarded to overpriced and conditions of contracts to construction companies and other companies. These paid, in turn, bribes to politicians and parties.