Six kilometres of the queue and up to two hours of waiting to pass the border crossing from Sweden to Denmark by the oresund Bridge was the reality on Sunday night, when many danes, who had allegedly been on the weekend, for example, on the island of Bornholm, going back to the country through Sweden.

Now warns the Danish police against, that the same could happen again next weekend.

The writes DR. dk.

the Reason is that it’s thanksgiving next weekend, why many danes have free on Mondays, 2. the day of pentecost, and the police are preparing, therefore, that many danes will take advantage of the opportunity to take a mini-vacation.

– We can easily imagine it happening again in connection with pentecost. Therefore we are also in dialogue with the link, and so we must together find out how we better inform compared to select other modes of travel or other times to travel, ” says Jens Jespersen, who is chief inspector of the Copenhagen Police, to DR.

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To DR Jens Jespersen, the police guess that the massive extra traffic due to many danes had used Christ’s Himmelfartsdagene for a quick trip to Sweden or Bornholm.

the Same message came Johan Borglin Ørsundbrons Station, with an Extra Leaf on Sunday evening

– this is The first time we see it, he told.

– We do not know exactly why there is so long queue just today. Should you speculate, there may have been many danes, who over the weekend have been on the island of Bornholm and must go through passport control, he said.

the Police informs to the DR, that in the same period, the Sunday before Christ’s Himmelfartsweekenden passed 3400 vehicles controls, while the figure on Sunday 24. may up to 9000, and now warns the police against, that can happen again next weekend in connection with the pentecost.

Police calls, therefore, for you to find another mode of transport or choose to cross the border at times other than the afternoon and evening before the holiday is over.

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