A possible murder weapon has been found after the violent death of a five-year-old girl in Berlin-Pankow. This was announced by a spokeswoman for the Berlin public prosecutor’s office on Wednesday. The newspaper “B.Z.” had previously reported on the discovery of a knife in the case of the killed Anissa. The public prosecutor’s office did not initially answer questions about the location and time of discovery or the type of weapon.

“The investigation is ongoing,” the agency said. Further information could not be given at the moment, as this could potentially jeopardize the investigation. According to unconfirmed “B.Z.” information, the weapon is said to have been found last weekend. She will be examined by the forensic science department.

The five-year-old was reported missing on February 21 and was found lifeless in a bush in the B├╝rgerpark in Pankow a few hours later. Her body had multiple knife wounds. The child died in the hospital. Police arrested a 19-year-old, a friend of Anissa’s family. The man is in custody. A judge issued an arrest warrant for manslaughter.

According to previous information, the 19-year-old with German and Turkish nationality said nothing about the allegations. According to the current state of affairs, a sexual motive does not play a role, the public prosecutor said. According to witnesses, the 19-year-old should now take care of the girl and her three younger siblings in a playground near the park. From there he left with the five-year-old, allegedly because the child had to go to the toilet. A little later the man came back alone. He said he lost the child.