“Potensmedelannons spread in Jesper Börjessons name: ”Incredibly offensive””

“Even Jenny Strömstedt affected by fejkannons”

“In just a month TV4-profile Jesper Börjesson collided two different fejkannonser. “

“Among other things, his face has been used to do publicity for the treatment. “

“It is incredibly sad, offensive, and boring,” he says to Nöjesbladet. “

“The last time more and more presenters affected by the fejkannonser. The ads have a artikelliknande content with both the information and quotes from frontpersonen. “

“the victim of this is the Swedish TV4-profile and the host of the show Jesper Börjesson, 47. For just a few days ago he discovered that someone used his face to do publicity for the treatment. “

“– I actually have no idea why this is happening. But I have understood that this is a problem which is increasing, and that it also affected other offices. Probably want to connect a product with a known person. It is incredibly sad, offensive, and boring, ” says Jesper Börjesson to Nöjesbladet. “

“In fejkannonsen is also to Jesper Börjesson risk to get fired from his job at TV4, having done advertising for men, which is not true. “

“– It looks pretty credible. People risk the to read it there and it is pretty damn boring. Viewers have heard of and asked if I was going to get fired. I think perhaps that most people realize the absurdity of it all, but people still hear of is boring and, above all, offensive to me.”

“the Second time in a month.”

“In just a month Jesper Börjesson collided two different ads for two different products. “

“Is this something that escalated?”

“– My impression is that it is so because I know that several colleagues have been affected by it. I really have no evidence that it would have increased, but the feeling is so. In just a month I have been hit twice, and it is pretty damn. “

“You find it humiliating?”

“– Yes, but it’s well done! It is the fake stuff about me. Then it doesn’t matter what product it is. Now it happens to be the muscles and you can laugh about it, but basically it is clearly offensive and I hope that you can get to the bottom of this. They are lying about me and linking me with the products you don’t have any idea.”

“It is not something you would stand behind?”

” No, not for a second. I know that TV4’s lawyers are looking at the problem, but there is nothing to fix on a coffee break. “

“Even Jenny Strömstedt affected”

“in Addition to Jesper Börjesson has, among other things, the hostess Jenny Strömstedt, 46, suffered from similar ads. “

“In tonight’s episode of ”Brottsjournalen” discusses Jenny Strömstedt problem with programledarkollegan Leif GW Persson, 73, where she shows an ad that used her face to sell skin creams. “

“– I don’t actually so much, for my own part, but there are actually those who bought these products. A woman bought skin care products for 300 crowns, which in the end turned out to cost 3 000. It makes me miserable, ” says Jenny Strömstedt in the program.”