Prime Video Introduces Max Subscription, Unveils New Pricing

On June 10, 2024, Prime Video announced changes to its Warner Pass subscription in anticipation of the upcoming launch of the Max streaming platform in France.

The Warner Pass, which includes 13 channels from Warner Bros. Discovery and HBO content, was introduced on Prime Video in March 2023. With the arrival of Max in France on June 11, the Pass Warner will be transformed into Max on Prime Video Channels. Current subscribers to Pass Warner will automatically be transitioned to the Max subscription.

For existing subscribers, the price will remain at 9.99€ per month, with continued access to Eurosport at no additional cost until December 11, 2024. After this date, a monthly fee of 5€ will be required to retain access to Eurosport.

Subscribers who have both Pass Warner and Pass Ligue 1 will have their subscriptions merged into a single Max package for a reduced rate of 9.99€ per month. New subscribers to Max on Prime Video can choose between two options: Max Ad-lite for 5.99€ per month with ads, or Max Ad-free for 9.99€ per month without ads. Additional access to Eurosport content will be available for an extra 5€ per month.

The Max subscription offers a range of content from Warner Bros. Discovery channels, including iconic HBO series like Game of Thrones, Succession, Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, Sex and the City, as well as newer series like The Last of Us and House of the Dragon. Some content will be available in 4K at no extra cost.

Max has also secured distribution agreements with other platforms in France, such as Canal+, Orange, Free, and SFR. Canal+ subscribers to select packages will have access to Max at no additional cost, while it will be a paid option in other subscription plans.

Overall, the introduction of Max on Prime Video brings a variety of content options and pricing plans to cater to different viewer preferences in the French market.