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the New Mac Mini is fast and quiet as a mouse – the only thing that deters is the price, says expertreporter.

A lot of water has run under the bridge since Apple last updated its cheapest desktop computer, the little Mac Mini.

When we last tested it was 2014, and after four long years, we began to actually doubt if Apple ever had intended to send out a new version of the placeringsvänliga the computer.

But now it is here. The design is the same, while the color is new.

Then it is all the more important to Bets10 get that there has been a lot of on the inside – something that is reflected in the price.

Last release started at 4 700 sek, which basically meant you didnt have to turn out and check on the wallet in order to take place in the Apple universe.

Today’s cheapest variant costs 9 995 sek, which makes it a little more than twice as expensive. Without something else taking over ”budgetsegmentet”, abandoning the now Apple seriously need to have a computer for the common people.

We also fits to mention that the Macbook Air, which is the company’s cheapest laptop computer, also just had a prisskutt from 11 000 to 15 000 sek.