As in previous years, the most popular App in the Apple the Swiss app store again this year was Whatsapp. The annual Top-20, published by Apple show.

As in the previous year, Apple distinguishes between Apps and Games. To prevent, that games are pushing Productive Apps overshadow and out of the Charts.

Also this year, there are no lists with the most popular Apps. This exciting category was abolished last year.

Here are the results in Detail:

iPhone: most popular Free Apps
1. Whatsapp
2. Youtube
3. Instagram
4. Google Maps
5. Spotify

In the case of Free Apps, not much has changed. It is striking only: Google Maps and Spotify have replaced Snapchat on the 6th rank.

iPhone: popular Paid Apps
1. iTheorie Auto theory CH
2. Threema
3. Plantsnap
4. Peak finder AR
5. CamToPlan Pro

Great changes in the Pay-for Apps: From the previous year, only remained the Driving test App and peak finder in the Top-5. Wherein the peak finder has lost the top spot. The Swiss messaging App Threema is a break in the last year back in the Top 5.

iPhone: most popular free games
1. Fortnite
2. Helix Jump
3. Love Balls
4. Knife Hit
5. Subway Surfers

last year’s winner Super Mario Run is crashed in 10th place. The second-placed Clash Royale does not show up in the 2018er list. Only Subway Surfers in the Top 5. Dominates this year’s list will be Fortnite as little surprise to the game sensation. In the Apple listed in the Top 20, one misses, however, the Pok√©mon Go. Here, it would have been exciting, Apple would publish, as well as the best-selling Apps. Well possible that it would have made the Monster-collecting game in the Top 20.

iPhone: most popular paid games
1. Minecraft
2. Plague Inc.
3. The Room: Old Sins
4. Bloons TD 5
5. F1 2016

As in the previous year (and in the Vorvorjahr) dominates Minecraft in the paid-for Betorder Play. Plague was able to make a place and is in second place. Monument Valley 2 creates a year only on place 6.

iPad: the most popular Free Apps
1. Youtube
2. Netflix
3. Google Maps
4. Microsoft Word
5. Spotify

last year’s winner, Messenger for Whatsapp is out of favor. Thus, the classic Youtube, Netflix, Google Maps, and Spotify dominate. However, with Microsoft Word, it has managed to be a newcomer in the Top 5. A other Microsoft has crashed with the Skype App, from 4th place to 11th place.

iPad: most popular Paid Apps
1. Good notes 4
2. Procreate
3. Notability
4. Notes Plus
5. MyScriptNebo

As in the previous year, with good notes 4 and Procreate two-pin Apps to the Top places. The remaining places go to note-taking Apps, which are optimized for the iPad pen. Out two Third-party Apps, which should bring Whatsapp on the iPad have fallen, with “App for WhatsApp” and “ChatMate for WhatsApp”. From space 3 to space 7 Duet, an App that makes the iPad into a second screen for a Mac or Windows PC is gone.

iPad: the most popular free games
1. Fortnite
2. Love Balls
3. Kick the Buddy
4. Toon Blast
5. Helix Jump

Like the iPhone also dominates Fortnite on the iPad. With Helix Jump and Love Balls have managed two other Top-5-Apps from the iPhone to the Tablet.

iPad: the most popular online payment games
1. Minecraft
2. The Room: Old Sins
3. The House of da Vinci
4. Farming Simulator 18
5. Monument Valley 2

With Minecraft, Farming Simulator, and Monument Valley 2 could defend three Apps have their place in the Top 5. It is striking, however, is that it have managed four Apps The-Room-series in the Top 10. (

Created: 05.12.2018, 12:08 PM