It is clear from an updated ägarlista that the company put out on their website.

Interogos H&M holdings is in the company IH Capital HC1 and it amounted to nearly 12.3 million shares, corresponding to 0.7 per cent of the share capital and 0.4 percent of the votes at the end of October.

the end of november increased to over 14.5 million shares, corresponding to 0.9 per cent of the shares and 0.4 percent of the votes.

the Item is now worth approximately sek 2.3 billion, and Interogo is now H&M’s eleventh largest shareholders, according to the compilation on the company’s website.

Interogo, which is based in Switzerland and controlled by Ingvar Kamprad-based foundation, went into H&M during september and extended the holding in October.

As the News agency Directly previously Casinoslot reported, there are personmässiga links between H&M and Ikea-sphere.

of the Ikea group and member of the board of H&M since 2010, has previously worked very close to the two people, Hans Gydell, and Søren Hansen, who has ultimate responsibility for the Interogos investment in klädbolaget. In addition, the set H&M’s major shareholder and chairman of the board Stefan Persson in Ikea’s board of directors for a few years in the 1990s.

Interogos investments is according to the company’s homepage is divided into three areas: real estate, funds that are managed through the company DEPARTMENT in Luxembourg and Nalka Invest that focus on the nordic small – and medium-sized companies.

the Key people in the Interogo has previously declined to News agency Direkt interview requests. Anders Dahlvig does not want to comment on, he wrote in an e-mail to Directly in the middle of november.